Examination of Life

As I was sitting at home alone on a Saturday, I realized how unsatisfying life has become to me. I turned thirty years old a few months ago, single, childless and lonely. I have family and friends around me, but depend on them to make me happy. I ended up feeling so sorry for myself and broke down with negative thoughts. After the tears and a good night sleep, I decided I need to take control of my own life and become happy with myself. This is going to take much soul searching and trying new experiences.

The first step to this process will be starting this blog. I want to document my progress and let others read what I have learned along this journey. It will help me stay accountable with myself and also motivate me. I have also began writing a bucket list. Though I am young, I want to have goals written down to reach. I have decided that some will be easy to achieve and others are going to take some dedication. As I have just started the list, I will be showing my progress through this blog. I already feel confident making the decision of taking back my life.